Frequently Asked Questions

My Website & Shop

Who designed your shop? Can you help me with mine?
Big Cartel is my preferred e-commerce solution and is the service that powers my online shop. I designed and custom coded the shop myself. If you are on a tight budget and want a design similar to my shop, I have designed some of the Big Cartel themes that are available for purchase at Aarcade’s Big Cartel theme shop here. They require no designing or coding knowledge to install.

I get a lot of inquiries on this topic so I’m unable to offer individual help with your store. Big Cartel has a help section that should answer most of your questions regarding their service & customization of your shop. They are better qualified to answer your questions than I am. Everything I know about customizing my store, I learned from their help section. I’ve been using Big Cartel since 2007. I pay $19.99 for Big Cartel monthly and, yes, it’s worth it. If you are unsure, sign up for a free account and you will get a great idea if Big Cartel is the right match for you.

Who designed your website and how does it work?
I designed and coded my website on the WordPress platform. My entire site is on the WordPress platform, with the exception of my store which is entirely on Big Cartel. WordPress is open source and free to download and use on your own website. While I can’t offer help installing and customizing your website, WordPress Docs offers a plethora of resources to help you out.

Toys & Resin

I want to make my own vinyl toys, where can I have them made and how much can I expect to spend?
I don’t have a factory hookup for you unfortunately. Most companies produce designer vinyl in Japan or China, and you can expect to spend several thousand dollars (at least) from start to finished product for a designer toy, depending upon complexity and corner cutting. The process is very costly and time consuming, so most artists/companies don’t make a living on factory-produced designer toys alone.

Can you give me tips on casting resin?
I get this question almost daily, so please understand why I can’t personally respond to each of these e-mails. I have a brief rundown of the process here if you’re interested. For more info, try Youtube and Google.